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ACP 300
Sunrise at 6:55:11 AM Sunset at 6:58:58 PM
Ride Leader(s):
Timothy Sullivan

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Nicky Rottens Bar & Burger Joint
100 Orange Ave
San Diego County, United States 1409


The 300k equivalent of the 600k/8k.

Despite the flat start and finish, this 300k will be a leg burner. Unlike the usual Sunrise Hwy and Kitchen Creek approaches to the top of Laguna, this route will climb the lesser known yet more challenging Pine Creek Rd. 

The start is easy enough with a dash down the Silver Strand, the eastern portion of the Bayshore and the Sweetwater bike trail to reach Otay Lakes Dr to loosen up the legs in preparation for the assault. Just when you turn onto Honey Springs Rd, you'll begin the first of several steps up to Mt Laguna. This climb is a popular challenge for South Bay cyclists as it is relatively quiet and provides a steady grade up to Lyons Valley Rd. There is a slight respite when you descend down Lyons Valley until the road turns upwards again to start the next climb to Japatul Valley Rd which further ascends until you reach Descanso. You'll ride over the Guatay bump to descend down into Pine Valley where you'll turn into Pine Creek Rd.

The start of Pine Creek will be uneventful, passing by quitet rural residential communities. Few cars travel up this way. As the road narrows, the grade starts to steepen. Eventually the paving is so broken that you'll conclude this is a gravel trail. Once you reach Mount Laguna Meadows, the road flattens out ending at Sunrise Hwy where you'll continue north toward Julian. Instead of the usual descent down Hwy 79, you'll continue further on Farmer Rd to reach Wynola Rd, passing several Julian's famous apple orchards before returning to Hwy 67 and then Old Julian Hwy to reach Ramona.

Continuing on 67, you'll descend down to Lakeside to then make your way to La Mesa to climb Mt Helix. Though not a long climb, the challenge will be making the attempt at mile 140. From Jamul, you'll make your way back to Otay Lakes Dr and the final stretch on the Silver Strand to finish in Coronado.



For this ACP brevet, San Diego Randonneurs will accept the following as proof of passage:

  • Electronic proof of passage (EPP) - at the end of the brevet, you have 24 hours after the official finish time to submit a link of your activity saved on Strava, Ride with GPS (RWGPS) or Garmin Connect to the brevet organizer. Please make sure your privacy setting is changed to public so that the entire activity trace is viewable. If you need to submit the entire activity in multiple activity traces, the end and beginning of each trace are near each other and viewable. Ideally, the sum of the separate traces will result in the entire route. You are responsible checking your computers regularly to make sure they are working properly and recording. If your trace is missing any section, especially where you passed a control, the file you submitted wiill be rejected. You are also responsible for making sure that your activity is uploaded to whichever app that will report your brevet trace. As backup, you should take selfie photos at each control if your bike computer craps out mid-ride or cannot upload for whatever reason. Telling the brevet organizer or RBA that you rode with someone will not be accepted as an alternate form of proof of passage.
  • Selfies at controls - at the end of the brevet, you have 24 hours after the official finish time to submit to the brevet organizer or the RBA by email the selfie photos of you or your bike at the control. If the control is at a store, have that store in the background. If at an intersection, then have the street signs as your selfie background. San Diego Randonneurs organizers highly recommend that even if you are going with EPP, you should still take selfie photos as backup. 
  • Brevet card - if you require a traditional brevet card, please advise the RBA immediately after registration.


If you are joining us for the first time, you will need:

  1. Join RUSA for an annual membership of $30 at
  2. After you receive your 5 digit RUSA number, register with San Diego Randonneurs by clicking on the link Join San Diego Randonneurs
  3. If you have any questions during the sign up process, send a quick note to

You will need to register for this ride in advance. There is no day-of registration. Start/Finish will be staffed. SAG support and staffing at a control along the route will depend on volunteers available for this event.