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RUSA 100
Sunrise at 6:38:00 AM Sunset at 6:42:22 PM

Dave Milsom

Get me there
Kensington Park
4121 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116

Social Gathering Before/After

Start location will be at Kensington Park on the Kensington Dr side of the park. Finish location where we will meet for our post ride gathering will be at Clem's Tap House located behind Clem's Barrel House. Street parking is available.

The Stowe Trail connects Santee to Sycamore Canyon Preserve. From Kensington Brewing, a quick jaunt on the I-15 bike path to Mission Gorge to reach Mast Blvd. After getting on Stowe Trail and reaching Goodan Ranch, you'll climb up to to Sycamore Canyon Rd where the trail ends. Riding through the heart of Poway, you'll connect back up to the Duck Pond trail along the Penasquitos Creek. At Black Mountain Rd, you'll head start your trek south and west to reach the "Secret Route to Sorrento Valley" trail and then the train track trail that connects University City to the start of the Rose Canyon bike path. Passing along the eastern show of Mission Bay, you'll climb up on Juan St through Old Town to each the Upas St trail where you'll cross Hwy 163 to continue on Upas St. Before the finish, you'll "parade" on the newly created "30th bike path".

For this route, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you obtain a BASE PASS from MCAS Miramar. There is a short section on Stowe Trail that crosses into base property. Though not usually patrolled, (h/b)ikers have been fined or have their bikes confiscated by the Marine Corps Police for not having a base pass. If you are planning to ride without a base pass, you assume the risks.

Below is Dave's summary of his experience obtaining the pass recently. It appears to be much simpler than described on their application form. PLEASE READ BELOW CAREFULLY.

The Marine Corps Air Station gobbled up this historic trail decades ago, and over the years people have been not-so-legally using the trail. After years of negotiation there was finally a permitting process put in place to allow for use of the trail. Information about how to obtain a permit and required forms can be found here:

I obtained my permit last week, and was pleasantly surprised to find the process was not quite as involved as is outlined on the MCAS Miramar site. Rather than requiring multiple trips to the permit office, I was given a permit at the time I visited. Here is what I experienced:

  • I filled out and printed the application at home. You will need the application, two forms of ID (see next bullet point), and a blank copy of the liability waiver form.
  • I had filled in the information for driver's license and passport, and brought both with me. Once in the office, though, I was asked to fill in my SSN and for my driver's license. I was never asked for my passport. Your mileage may vary.
  • When you get to the base, there are two lanes of traffic. Be in the right hand lane, as once you tell the guard you are there for a Stowe Trail pass you will make a quick right into the parking lot.
  • I arrived at about 8:15 Monday morning. There was only one person ahead of me. When I left, there were about 5 people waiting to enter the building.
  • The wait time after handing over the application and waiver was about 5 minutes. I was then fingerprinted and my picture taken. Then maybe another 5 minutes before getting my permit.
  • Unfortunately the permit is only good for a year from date of issuance.

SDMBA page about the trail and the history of access:

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