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RUSA Brevet
Sunrise at 6:51:50 AM Sunset at 6:17:00 PM

Timothy Sullivan
Email Timothy (619)865-1360

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Major's Diner
28765 Old Hwy 80
Pine Valley, California 91962


NOTICE: Due to the severe fire season this year, there is a high likelihood that Kitchen Creek Rd may be shut down to minimize access and thus chances of fire in the area, as firefighting resources are spread thin across the West. We will monitor notices announced by the Cleveland National Forest (CNF) continually. If closure is in effect on the the day of this brevet, we will likely reschedule this route to November and plan another route on the same day.

For reference, here is the CNF''s website announcing road closures:


San Diego Randonneurs' fall classic brevet for those ready for a good day of climbing in the East County mountains. Starting from the parking lot behind Major's Diner in Pine Valley, you ride along the undulating hills before the descent. Just before the control in Jacumba, the border with Mexico is in sight. After making a quick stop for food and water, the ride doubles back on Old Highway 80 on a long ascent. Kitchen Creek is a tale of 2 climbs. The first half before the gate climbs in steps with several short steep ascents long the stretch. After carrying your bike over the gate, the climb turns to a steady 5-6% grade until you reach Sunrise Highway, with magnificent views and minimal cars to contend with. After a stop at the Laguna Mountain Lodge, the route continues along the ridge. On sections of the highway, you pass dramatic views of the edge where the alpine landscape of the Laguna Mountain rapidly falling into the Borrego desert. You make your way to Wynola just passing Julian before returning on the same stretch of road toward Lake Cuyamaca. Descending on Highway 79 to Descanco, you'll have to negotiate your last climb over Guatay before returning to the finish at Pine Valley. Over the distance of this brevet, you will have 0 traffic lights and 5 stop signs to deal with.

On Friday evening before the brevet, an email will be sent to distribute details on how this 200k will be organized to all participants who registered.


Randonneuring is a self-supporting event  – There will be no day of registration available and if there are any volunteers available, they will only be at Start/Finish or establish controls in the cue sheet. There is no SAG for this event.

All riders must follow RUSA rules and can be found here. Helmet, lights and reflective gear are a must (lights and reflective gear must be worn between dusk to dawn. Riders must follow all local traffic laws and regulations.

Although bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists and are subject to the same rules and regulations, it is crucial that bicyclists pay attention to traffic signs and signals and follow all rules to reduce the risk of collisions, while on the road. Refer to the California Driver Handbook to become familiar with these rules. This excerpt is found at the DMV website for Sharing the Road (FFDL37) and can be read here.

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