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Randonbeering 100k - Your Second Chance08-15-2021 07:002 Registered

06-03-2021 10:35
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RUSA 100
Sunrise at 6:12:49 AM Sunset at 7:33:10 PM

Nicholas McCurry

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Second Chance
15378 Avenue of Science #222
San Diego, CA 92128

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San Diego Randonneurs Randobeering 100k - Second Chance

This populaire explores the countryside in Ramona starting from Second Chance Beer in Carmel Mountain Ranch. After a quick spin down Pomerado Rd, you immediately confront your first challenge climbing Scripps Poway Pkwy. With nary a rest you'll continue your rolling ascent on Hwy 67 until you crest just before Mt Woodson's. You'll be rewarded with a long descent into the outskirts of Ramona before you make a right turn on Dye Rd. You'll pass grassland filled with pasture free chickens before another descent into San Diego Country Estates. A short break at the Country Village Store before you start climbing your way back to Ramona. After a short jaunt on Hwy 67, you'll make a turn at Highland Valley Rd and ride pass the Ramona Grassland and continue on through the county's wine country along Highland Valley Rd. A few sharp rollers and you'll enjoy a series of fun downhills followed by the majestic descent into the San Pasqual Valley on Bandy Canyon Rd. One last climb on Summit Ln in Escondido, you cross the Lake Hodges Bridge and return to Second Chance Beer for some much needed refreshments.

Registration cost for this populaire is $0. You will need to register and complete the Smartwaiver before registration closes. On-the-day registration will not be accepted.

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