Rouler Award - 8 Hour DART10-29-2022 07:00None Registered

05-13-2022 17:11
10-28-2022 19:00
Sunrise at 7:02:59 AM Sunset at 6:01:50 PM

Wei Sun
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Rouleur Brewing Co - North Park
2899 University Ave
San Diego, California 92104


This dart populaire rounds out the Rouleur Award specific populaires. If you have completed the 100k, 140k, 160k and the dart populaire, you last requirement is to complete a 200k brevet during the remainder of the year to earn the award.

The dart populaire is a team event. Each team will have between 3 and 5 riders. Based on the 07:00 start time and Rouler Brewing in North Park finish location, each team is responsible for submitting the route to the RBA for approval. Once approved, the team will ride that route. For entrepreneurial randonneurs who want to be unbounded by the set controls and roads of a traditional populaires or brevets, this team event is your dream come true. You and your 2-4 other cycling BFFs may now concoct your own route for this event.

Despite the new found freedom, you are required to follow specific rules on your route design and other ride requirements. Here are the links describing team events and rules on dart populaires.

If you are interested and are looking to form a team, contact me at If you have formed a team and nominated a team captain, yoru captain will send me your team roster (names, RUSA numbers) to that same email address. We'll start the the route approval process and transact the fees/waiver gathering stuff.

As a reminder, only current RUSA members may take part in any RUSA/ACP sanctioned events.



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