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ACP 200
Sunrise at 6:14:18 AM Sunset at 7:29:54 PM

Wei Sun
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Mance Buchanon
Mance Buchanon Park 425
San Luis Rey, San Diego County United States


To all who are starting at the 20th Edition of Paris-Brest-Paris on this day, "Bon courage!" This 200k is for us staying at home and will ride vivaciously through you. Similar to PBP, except just a mere 1,000k less, is an out and back route from Oceanside to Imperial Beach. The lazy summer Sunday is about having a fun cruise by the beaches, escaping the inland heat. Coffee stops are encouraged.

Leaving Mance Buchanon, you'll jump on the San Luis Rey River Trail to the coast, heading south through the various coastal communities. Turning inland at Carmel Valley Rd passing the Los Penasquitos Lagoon, you'll take the UCSD bike path along I-5. After the Rose Canyon and Rose Creek bike paths, you'll ride through Crown Point, cross the San Diego River and climb over Nimitz Dr to ride along the east/southbound portion of Harbor Dr passing the marinas along San Diego Bay and the Embarcadero waterfront. You can cut over to Pacific Hwy at Ash St or follow along Harbor Dr all the way past Seaport Village. The turnaround point is at Triton Coffee just off of the Bayshore Bikeway in Imperial Beach.

On the return leg of the route, you'll ride through Pacific Beach on Cass St and make your way on the La Jolla Bike Path that follows along the foot of Mt Soledad to climb Soledad Ave and then Hillside Dr in Hidden Valley before descending down the lower portions of Via Capri to Hidden Valley Rd, where you'll then continue up to UCSD on Torrey Pines Rd. For any Cat in the Hat fans who are riding this brevet, the Hidden Valley route will take you close to the La Jolla residence of Theodore Geisel, aka Dr Seuss. Purportedly the landscape and flora around Mt Soledad and the Torrey Pines areas were inspirations to many of Dr Seuss's illustrations.

It’s time, it’s time, an outing all day
To ride on your bikes, take part in a brevet
From Top to Bottom then back to the Top
A 200k journey with nary a stop.
To pedal and ride, then ride and pedal
To test your strength and measure your mettle.
Speed down through a valley then sweat up a hill
Of new sights and adventures you have your fill.
When reaching the ride's finish this you will know:
Oh, oh, the places you'll go!

And nne of the many places we get to go is Paris-Brest-Paris!

Despite the easy ride heading south, the northbound journey may offer a slight challenge as the breeze from the north will provide a descent workout. Parking is available at Mance Buchanon Park. There are plenty of spots available by the bike path entrance if you are there early and bathrooms are just across the road.

If you are joining us for the first time, you will need:

  1. Join RUSA for an annual membership of $30 at
  2. After you receive your 5 digit RUSA number, register with San Diego Randonneurs by clicking on the link Join San Diego Randonneurs
  3. If you have any questions during the sign up process, send a quick note to


You will need to register for this ride in advance. There is no day-of registration. Start/Finish will be staffed. SAG support and staffing at a control along the route will depend on volunteers available for this event.

All riders must follow RUSA rules. Helmet, lights and reflective gear are a must (lights and reflective gear must be worn between dusk to dawn). Riders must follow all local traffic laws and regulations.

Although bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists and are subject to the same rules and regulations, it is crucial that bicyclists pay attention to traffic signs and signals and follow all rules to reduce the risk of collisions, while on the road. Refer to the California Driver Handbook to become familiar with these rules. This excerpt is found at the DMV website for Sharing the Road (FFDL37) and can be read here.

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