The San Diego Randonneurs wool jersey's club ordering is now close!

  • The jerseys have our new club logo, which is the California Tower and Dome that welcome both visitors and locals returning home when landing at the San Diego International Airport. 
  • They are made of Merino wool and assembled by Soigneur in New Zealand (
  • Our club name and logo design are woven into the jersey.
  • The short sleave jerseys come in the traditional 1/3 zipper length for the classic "L'Eroica" look.
  • Sizing chart is available at: The same chart and link is also available on the ordering form.
  • The bright orange and blue enhance rider visibility.
  • Wool jerseys pair amazingly well with steel frame bikes, or any other bikes for that matter.
  • For wool jersey care information, check out
  • I will bring the sample jersey (size XL) to the finish at the next 2 populaires for those interested in checking it out.

If there is additional interest in the future, we will organize another club ordering. Thank you for your interest.